Ten Reasons to Visit Hong Kong, awesome, awesome…and awesome!

Out of all the amazing cities in the south Asia, many would agree that Hong Kong is a super awesome place to visit along with Japan, though probably not to live in. Here are my reasons why Hong Kong is awesome to visit as a local who lived there for 18 years!

1) The awesome Hong Kong Culture

Hong Kong pagoda temple NAN LIAN GARDEN
Hong Kong pagoda temple NAN LIAN GARDEN

Hong Kong, the former british colony and the current Chinese colony, has a huge mix culture of the west and the east. From building likes Victorian Gothic Cathedral to Pagoda Chinese temple, from foods like Full English breakfast to Dim sum, From festival like Easter to Chinese New Year ( Yes, we have both Chinese and English public holidays which add up to days a year!) and more… The west and east culture harmoniously mixed together well and unique at the same time, which create the HONG KONG style.

2) Mind blowing. eye-opening. The awesome numerous Festivals and Fairs.

Hong Kong Bun Festival Bun Tower
Hong Kong Bun Festival Bun Tower

If you think the Lion dance, red chinese Lantern of Chinese Lunar festival are awesome, its time to bring you to next level of awesomeness! For example, Tin Hau’s Birthday, Buddha’s Birthday, and one of the world most Quirky Local Festivals – The Cheung Chau Bun Festival! Why is it Quirky? Have you ever imagine a 60ft.-tall steamed, sweet bun mountain mount with bamboo and metal structures and people are race to the top? Trust me, it Quirky… but EPIC!

3) Shut up and take my Money. The awesome shopping haven!

Hong Kong Victoria Harbor panorama
Hong Kong Victoria Harbor panorama

Shops Shops Shops, from large famous world brand to local street markets, you can shop all days, everywhere, awesome! Hong Kong people love shopping! if not, window shopping! You will found one or more huge shopping malls in every district. There are always shop in your front, back, left or right. Don’t worry about not finding what you want, just worry about if you have enough money!

4) The awesome nightlife where tourist and locals party and play hard together!

Hong Kong jockey club live music
Hong Kong jockey club live music

There are loads of things to do for a good night out. You will find the right place that fits your interests. Form normal pubs to Hong Kong Jockey club! You can go clubbing in LKF, or enjoy a horse racing night with live music and a few bottle of bears in Happy Valley Jockey Clubhouse. Awesome!

5) The awesome Cityscape

Hong Kong skycape from peak
Hong Kong cityscape from peak

Theres a nickname for Hong Kong’s night view, “the Million Dollar View”. Some said it worth a million dollar just to see it. It’s simply just epic and never get old. From a bird’s-eye view at the peak, to a victoria harbour view at Tsim Sa Tsui, or a downtown view at a sham shui po garden hill. There are numerous locations to see the night view and cityscape, but do you have enough memories for your selfies and photographs?


6) The awesome convenient public transportation

Hong Kong Star ferry, mobiles
Hong Kong Star ferry

The convenient public transportation bears the reputation as one of the best transportation systems in the world. It connected every places making attractions are easy to access. Tram, Train, Metro, Ferry, taxi, mini bus, cable car. You will always reach your destination easily.

7) The awesome amusement parks

Hong Kong Ocean Park amusement park
Hong Kong Ocean Park

From Ocean Park to Disneyland, from watching the cute little Panda to rising your adrenaline on the scary roller coasters, are you ready to release you inner child sides?

8) Call me Master Dim Sum, wait, no. Call me Awesome Master World Cuisine!

International food, Hong Kong
International food, Hong Kong

Call me Mater Dim Sum! Wait,no…Hong Kong is not only the master of Dim Sum, but a global Gourmet Paradise! We have full choices of authentic Asian and western cuisines! You name it, we have it. So we have everything, but are they good? My British Born boyfriend say I am the most picky eater he ever meet! I consider myself not picky but because the standard of food I ate when I grow up is that standard. As we have tons of restaurant in Hong Kong, there are tons of competitions, which mean high quality cos low quality restaurant won’t survive unless they are super cheap.

9) The Awesome Rural Side

Hong Kong sea view
Hong Kong sea view

Okay, so city life is not your thing, you are a country person who enjoy the nature, hiking in the mountain, surfing in the sea. Don’t worry, Hong Kong have its rural side for nature lovers! Beaches, islands, mountains, fishing village, you just need to know the places!

10) 24/7 awesome non stop life style

Hong Kong night view from peak
Hong Kong night view from peak


Let it be day or night-time, you always got somewhere to go, something to do! A lot of places open 24/7 in Hong Kong, for example, restaurant, cafe, internet cafe, karaoke and many more! There are always somewhere to eat after you late night clubbing or after watching a EU football match! ( Time zone different ) As long as you have the energy, there are places for you to go!

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