【Iceland】11 Tips for driving in Iceland.

11 Tips for driving in Iceland.

Things that you should be aware of when driving in Iceland.

1. Left Steering car

2. Drives on the right

3. Car headlights on at all times, day or night (By Law)

4. Everyone must wear seat belt (By Law)

5. Speed   

30-50 km/h within cities , 80 km/h on dirt roads and 90 km/h on most paved roads. Speeding tickets can be 10000isk to 50000isk or more  😎 

6. Parking

Tickets must be display in most of the roads in Reykjavík and central Akureyri. Mostly between 9am-6pm Mon-Sat. 

7. Hold you door

When you open your car’s doors in open space, the wind are too strong that may blow them off!!  😮 

8. Driving off-road

Driving off-road and damaging the surface of the scenic or grass may cost you 100,000 isk or more 😎

9. Petrol

Most of the petrol stations only have Self Service pump which you need a credit card. However there are some petrol stations with a shop that you can play inside with cash.


Approaching gravel road from asphalt road.
Approaching Blind Curve.
Approaching Blind Head.
Heavy Fog/rain ahead.

11. Prepared for unpredictable weather

And finally…

Focus even tho you see something amazing!!! 


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